What does it mean to have knowledge today?

Today knowledge is ubiquitous, constantly changing, growing exponentially… Today knowledge is free. It’s like air, it’s like water. It’s become a commodity… There’s no competitive advantage today in knowing more than the person next to you. The world doesn’t care what you know. What the world cares about is what you can do with what […]

Apple A Day Puts iPads On Desks

The school’s e-learning mentor Andrew Wright says today’s youngsters haven’t known a world without the internet and tablet technology, and it’s about time educators caught up. “The students are so receptive to modern technology, which has improved and changed every facet of our lives, except education,” Mr Wright said. http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2012/02/01/203525_local-news.html

The Real Reason Behind Chinese Students High Standardized Test Scores

“That’s the secret: when you spend all your time preparing for tests, and when students are selected based on their test-taking abilities, you get outstanding test scores. But is this what we want for our children?” Best quote regarding standardized testing I have heard. http://zhaolearning.com/2010/12/10/a-true-wake-up-call-for-arne-duncan-the-real-reason-behind-chinese-students-top-pisa-performance/

21st Century Skills Are So Last Century!

Seriously, If we are preparing kids for the ’21st century’ we are already falling behind. Look around. We’re over a decade into the 21st century! and look how much the first decade has changed the world! So frustrating to hear the banter around ’21st century skills’ and all other sayings and B.S statements which try […]

How Often We Underestimate The Future

One of the best collection of historic quotes regarding how we have always rejected new ideas, new technologiues and failed to consider the possibilities inherent in them. Deep relevence for todays education climate. http://ulearning.edublogs.org/2011/11/18/gr8-quote-collection-shows-how-often-we-underestimate-the-future-slide2learn-adedu/#.TuCEu7kMf5s.twitter Some of my favs: “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device […]

A Reply To Waldorf

This is a nice way of putting it: “In other words, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s nice to hear about little kids not staring into LCD’s for hours a day. On the other, if I were a high school kid and I didn’t know how to program a basic robot or […]