Videogame Stereotypes Bazinga!

Most profound quote i’ve heard in months and probably top 3 regarding videogames…

 In an age in which children are often not allowed to play freely outdoors, and in which they are more or less constantly directed by adults, the virtual world of video games is for some the only realm where they are allowed to roam free and explore.

And some more…

They found no relationship at all between exposure to violent video games and real-world violence committed by these young people. They did find, however, that their subjects’ real-world violence was rather strongly predicted by the real-world violence they were exposed to in their daily lives. Kids whose parents or friends were violent were, no surprise, significantly more likely to engage in real violence themselves than were kids whose parents and friends were not violent. Video gaming, no matter how “violent” the game, had no effect at all. Ferguson’s study and many others lead to the conclusion that, while real-world violence causes more real-world violence, pretend violence does not.

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