Of Luddites, Learning, and Life

This is a really old journal article from Technos Quarterly, Winter 1993 Vol. 2 No. 4.

I have just read over it and given it some deep thought. It is quite negative towards tech in schools and yet I still feel its dated relevence is more important than ever. I really enjoyed this article. It seemed so fresh for all its wrinkles. I cannot help but wonder what the author would say about the role of tech in 2011?

I will speak to his frequent mention of ‘problems’. I do not believe the role of any innovation or technology is to solve ‘problems’ necessarily.  Sometimes it certainly is. But is technology also not to ‘improve’, to’adapt’, to ‘modify’, ‘enhance’ and in generalist terms to make ‘better’? I would say yes to all these. His reference to electric windows. There was no problem for which it was a solution. There was an exhisting technology which has been ‘bettered’ by a new one.


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